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Who we are

Blackfish Software is a software consulting and development company based in the Pacific Northwest. We were founded in 2003 by former Microsoft employees and our primary focus now is the IE Tab add-on for Chrome.

Our consulting work has ranged from Win32 development to back-end web site work, AWS, network infrastructure consulting, API design, front-end design and implementation, database design, and much, much more. We have worked with large corporations like Microsoft, Fandango, and Overstreet, Silicon Valley stars like StumbleUpon, and several smaller start-ups. We have developed and sold products on a variety of platforms, including mobile applications, GPS-based utilities, games, social networking web sites, and browser add-ons.

Our current focus is on maintaining and improving the incredibly popular IE Tab add-on for Chrome.

IE Tab

Our flagship product is IE Tab. Boasting over 4 million users, IE Tab was developed as an add-on for Chrome in 2009 and it has been one of the most popular add-ons ever since. It provides the ability to run legacy web applications (that require Internet Explorer) directly in the Chrome browser so companies can standardize on Chrome as their default browser while still securely running their old web sites and web applications.

Learn more about IE Tab on The IE Tab web site

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