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About Us

Blackfish Software is a software consulting and development company based in the Pacific Northwest. We were founded in 2003 by former Microsoft employees and our primary focus now is the IE Tab add-on for Chrome.

Our consulting work has ranged from Win32 development to back-end web site work, AWS, network infrastructure consulting, API design, front-end design and implementation, database design, and much, much more. We have worked with large corporations like Microsoft, Fandango, and Overstreet, Silicon Valley stars like StumbleUpon, and several smaller start-ups. We have developed and sold products on a variety of platforms, including mobile applications, GPS-based utilities, games, social networking web sites, and browser add-ons.

Our current focus is on maintaining and improving the incredibly popular IE Tab add-on for Chrome.

Learn more about IE Tab at the IE Tab Web Site


Blackfish Software, LLC

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